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A Trauma-informed Approach: an Introduction

Trauma affects individuals across all demographics and communities. It can have profound and lasting effects on a person's physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Trauma-informed care is an approach that seeks to understand, recognise, and respond to the effects of all types of trauma. It emphasises creating a safe, supportive, and empowering environment for those who have experienced trauma.

25 Oct - 25 Oct 2024


Jeanne-Marie Lee

£90.00 plus VAT

This training is an essential resource for anyone seeking to make a positive impact on individuals affected by trauma. By taking a trauma-informed approach your organisation can deliver support and services that recognise the prevalence and impact of trauma on individuals and create a safe and supportive environment through informed and compassionate care.

Our course covers:

  • Understanding the principles of a trauma informed approach
  • Improving knowledge on what trauma is and the potential effects, long-term
  • Recognising how to support and respond to trauma
  • Exploring practical solutions for managing professional boundaries and your own well-being
  • Developing strategies for more effective trauma informed practice within their workplace

This is an online course delivered live via Zoom, over a full day, 9.30 – 4.00

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