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Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is especially useful when clients are "stuck": attracted and repelled by something at the same time (say, smoking or drug use); wanting to change but fearful of it (say, getting a job), or going round and round on a decision.

14 Apr - 21 Apr 2023


Stacey Raymen

£139.95 plus VAT

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The session are split to let participants take what they have learned on the first days, reflect on it, and so be ready for the more practice-based later sessions.

The course will cover:

  • Clarifying what MI is and the situations in which it can be used
  • Explaining why ‘confrontational’ methods are held to be unhelpful, from this point of view
  • Understanding the role of ambivalence in motivation and decision making
  • Creating a motivational atmosphere, asking motivational questions and processing the answers
  • Strategies for working with ‘resistance’ and ‘denial’
  • Assessing MI’s relevance to your own work through case-studies and practice

This is a live online (Zoom) course delivered over 2 full days

Session 1: 14 April 2023 10am – 4.30pm 

Session 2: 21 April 2023 10am – 4.30pm 

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