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CBT-based Interventions

Most of us will have experience of working with clients who have seem to have "limited" themselves by how they are thinking about something: blamed themselves for something they couldn't possibly be responsible for; told themselves they weren't good enough to take on some challenge; thought that everyone was against them, etc., etc. If we could help people recognise, challenge and move past these unhelpful thought patterns we'd be doing some good, right?

07 Nov - 14 Nov 2024


Stephen McCaig

£165.00 plus VAT

The course is based on a series of exercises you can use with your clients, and in so doing take a person from a position of “it’s not about thought processes, this is just what I’m like!” to being able to makes some (fairly) sophisticated interventions based on the CBT approach.

The course will cover:

  • How our thoughts affect our emotions and behaviours
  • Identifying “thinking errors”
  • Techniques for challenging these
  • Formats for applying these techniques efficiently
  • Discussion of real cases and some role-play practice
  • Discussion of, and tips on, using CBT-based techniques when you are not face to face with clients

This is a live online (Zoom) course delivered over 2 full days

Day 1: 7 November 2024  09.30 – 4.00

Day 2: 14 November  2024  09.30 – 4.00

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