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Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Mosaic is delighted to add to its portfolio by offering training and consultancy based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®).

Influenced by Carl Jung’s work on psychological type, MBTI® is a personality profiling tool which can be used for self-development and maximising team effectiveness.

The MBTI® is not a test – it is a tool that is designed to open rather than close doors and aid the development of mutual understanding.

The tool expresses differences positively – of the possible 16 personality types, no type is considered ‘better’ than the others; they are simply recognised and valued as different.

Some Applications

MBTI® and Teambuilding

Why introduce the MBTI tool to your team?

Because MBTI accepts people as individuals and celebrates the rich diversity that this brings to organisations, it is a fantastic teambuilding tool. The focus with MBTI is on developing a greater understanding of individuals. Using the concept of preference, MBTI enables people to uncover key aspects of their personality which influence their approach to work.

MBTI is particularly helpful in generating greater understanding of group dynamics and points of conflict. When there are apparent clashes of work styles or personalities, MBTI can help people to explore their own responses and develop their understanding of the responses of others.

MBTI also offers ideas and guidance for noticing our own behaviours and dealing with times of stress; in MBTI terms called being ‘in the grip’.

Possible scenarios when MBTI could add value or provide solutions:

  • When a new team has been formed – to develop 360 degree awareness of personalities, work styles and approaches to work
  • When there is conflict between 2 or more individuals – sometimes called a ‘clash of personalities’ or work styles
  • When change is introduced – either through a re-structure, new management structure or new business process

MBTI® and Management

Possible MBTI® applications for individuals and/or teams

‘Successful Team Connections’

Useful if:

  • You have recently formed a new team
  • There are significant changes in your team structure – either due to redundancy or mergers
  • You want to generate a greater understanding of how team members work
  • You need previously disparate individuals/teams to better work together

MBTI® and Leadership

‘Leading the way’

Useful if:

  • You want to explore your own leadership style
  • You are keen to be an authentic leader; and discover how to tap into the motivations of your team

‘Planning your next move’

Useful if:

  • You are considering a career change, promotion or sideways step
  • You would like your next career step to be the right role for you

How you make decisions

Useful if:

  • You would like to better understand your own work style and how this may complement or conflict with others
  • You have recently changed roles, been promoted or joined a new team and would like to explore ways of effectively integrating
  • You would like to explore your work style and reflect on the things you enjoy as well as the things you might struggle with

Resolving Conflicts

Useful if:

  • There are apparent ‘personality clashes’ between individuals in teams
  • You would like to promote awareness of differences in approaches to work
  • You would like to improve working relations between individuals
  • You would like to promote an organisational culture of appreciating differences

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