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Developing a PIE (Psychologically-Informed Environment)

  • 2 days
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Clients with complex and entrenched difficulties can be most in need of psychological services, but least likely to access them. So how can we make our own services, which they already access, more psychologically informed?

A PIE can be defined as, ‘a space which is mindful and conscious of the personalities and past experiences of its residents and how it considers these experiences in the way it works.’ How can this best be developed in your services?

Courses can be tailor-made from the following elements:

  • Understanding what is meant by a Psychologically Informed Environment
  • How PIE was developed to aid in working with affected clients
  • The components (the slices) of PIE – tools for change and understanding
  • Exploring Complex Trauma & Personality Disorder
  • Identifying the suitability of a PIE for your scheme
  • Developing an action plan and changes you could implement in the short and long-term
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