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Management Skills

In times of complex and increasing demands on services, providing effective leadership and supervision is critical. We offer management courses aimed at those who are already in management positions who want to hone their skills in particular areas. Importantly, we also offer courses aimed at those who are not yet managers, but expect to be in the future. A well-timed course can result in increased confidence about the role, and less fear of ‘being thrown in at the deep end’.

Course subject areas

The Care Act 2014: Implications for Services

What does it mean for your projects and the people they help?

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Moving into Management

Essential skills for new managers

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Supervision Skills

Developing staff to improve service delivery

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Managing Stress and Burnout

Recognising triggers, and strategies for minimising the effects of stress

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Effective Workplace Coaching

Helping others develop their own skills

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Managing Poor Performance

Recognising causes, appropriate support, and practical skills for addressing the problem

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Managing Sickness Absence

Legal rights and responsibilities, responding sensitively to reduce the problem

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Dealing with Bullying and Harassment

What constitutes bullying and harassment in the workplace, and how to deal with them

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Managing Rent Arrears

Practical strategies for reducing arrears

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Dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour

Legal and policy interventions available to social landlords

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Recruitment and Selection

The process of making sure you recruit the right people in the right way

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Conducting Effective Appraisals

What is involved doing these to best effect

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Effective Complaints Management

Best practice when managing complaints

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Designated Safeguarding Lead

What is needed to undertake the Safeguarding Lead role effectively

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Developing a PIE (Psychologically-Informed Environment)

Maximising the psychological effectiveness of services

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