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Housing & Homelessness

Good quality, affordable housing remains difficult for many organisations to access for as many of their clients as they would like.

Our courses in the areas of Housing and Homelessness equip staff with the information and skills needed to maximise opportunities for clients and help them insist on what is theirs by legal right, where possible. Where someone might not be legally entitled to something, the range of available options can be explored.

Sadly, difficulties and disputes will arise sometimes between organisations and their clients, and we can offer courses which provide clarity on the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants / licencees.

Increasingly, social care providers are involved in disputes between clients, or between a client and another party. Our courses on anti-social behaviour and domestic violence have proven very effective.

Course subject areas

The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017

The new duties in the act, and assistance applicants should receive

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Managing Tenancies and Licences

The rights and responsibilities of landlords and clients

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Dealing With Anti-Social Behaviour

Legal and policy strategies available to social landlords

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Domestic Abuse & Housing Rights

Current regulations and practical strategies

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Managing Rent Arrears

Practical strategies for reducing the rent arrears of social landlords

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DIY Possession Proceedings

Identifying which cases are suitable for DIY possession, making sure notices are served correctly, representing your organisation in court

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