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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice system can be bewildering. Structures and terminology change quickly and often. Just keeping up with the acronyms seems like a full-time job! And what is thought of as the Criminal Justice system has expanded over the last 15 years or so to encompass areas such as ASBOs and Parenting Orders, etc.

We provide specific training for those whose clients are involved, in some way or other, with the Criminal Justice system. Our courses ‘decode’ the system by making it clear what happens to an accused person as they proceed from arrest to sentencing or acquittal; which professionals get involved at which stage (police, probation, etc); and what responsibilities there are for staff whose clients are going through the system.

Course subject areas

Criminal Justice System Overview

Understanding and supporting clients through the criminal justice process from arrest to sentence or acquittal

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Working with Gang Culture

Practice-focused courses, no glamourising

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Working With Sex Offenders

Essential information for those who expect to work with sex offenders and other high risk offenders

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Forensic Mental Health

Supporting those with mental health needs in the criminal justice system

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Domestic Abuse Awareness

Essential information for those working with clients experiencing domestic violence

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