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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Level 2

  • 1 day
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This course is for those who have completed our Level 1 course (or equivalent), have some experience of putting their SFBT skills into practice, and now wish to further sharpen these skills through detailed case discussion and practice with their peers.

Courses can be tailor-made from the following elements:

  • Recapping on the skills and techniques of SFBT, and discussing what has been beneficial, and what has been more
  • Exercises to further sharpen these skills, including case studies and practice
  • Helping clients who seem ‘stuck in the problem’
  • Deciding when SFBT would be the most useful approach, overcoming barriers to implementing this approach, and where other skills might be more useful

NB. The course structure necessitates the completion of a pre-learning exercise (case study), high levels of participation, and role-play.

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