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Mindfulness (L2) – Immersion Course

  • 2 days
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Need to take your understanding and practice of Mindfulness to the next level?

This course is suitable for both staff and service users/clients and is ideal if someone is interested in exploring the benefits of Mindfulness practice, but unable to commit to the usual 8 week process.

It has been designed based on the outlines laid down by Professor Mark Williams from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. They were originally designed to be used by students of Oxford University and have since been taught to varied groups, including Members of Parliament, teachers, NHS staff and the police.

We will explore practices that allow us to cultivate mindful awareness and discover ways to live more in the present moment rather than brooding about the past or worrying about the future.

You will work through:

  • A series of simple daily meditations that can be done almost anywhere, some are as short as 3 minutes, others may take 15-20 minutes
  • A variety of exercises that encourage us to break some of the unconscious habits of thinking and behaving that prevent us from living life to the full.
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