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Introduction to Mindfulness

  • 1 day
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About mindfulness
We live in challenging and stressful times. As the pace of life accelerates, we experience uncertainty, change, conflicts and competing demands every day. These features of everyday life can and do impact on our health and well-being.

Faced with these challenges, it is important to have tools to help us stay in balance so we can respond appropriately, see the whole picture, and safeguard our peace of mind. Mindfulness offers a way of accessing inner resources that can help us do this.

Courses can be tailor-made from the following elements:

  • An overview of the history and theory of mindfulness based stress reduction
  • Considering the physiological and psychological reactions to stress and how mindfulness can be used to work with stressful situations and experiences
  • Practicing a variety of mindfulness practices, both sitting and movement based
  • Exploring ways to incorporate mindfulness practices into everyday life
  • Been introduced to resources to further develop mindfulness understanding and practices
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