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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Level 2

  • 1 day
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This course is for those who have completed our Level 1 course (or equivalent), have some experience of putting their CBT skills into practice, and now wish to further sharpen these skills through detailed case discussion and practice with their peers.

  • Recapping on the skills and techniques of CBT, and discussing what has been easy / beneficial, and what has been more difficult / not so beneficial
  • Exercises to further sharpen these skills, including case studies and practice (particular focus on working with reluctance to change thinking)
  • Helping clients experiencing setbacks and going back to old patterns
  • Deciding when CBT would be the most useful approach, overcoming barriers to implementing CBT, and where other skills might be more useful

NB The course structure necessitates the completion of a pre-learning exercise (case study), high levels of participation, and role-play.

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