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Sourcing Funding

Do you have to apply for funding for your organisation?

Are you applying for funding from sources new to your organisation?

Do you find funding application processes complex?

In the current financial climate many organisations are exploring new funding sources, which have different application processes and information requirements.

Organisations can find it difficult to present information about their organisation or project, which offers sufficient detail to funders. Funding organisations also identify common weaknesses in applications, such as:

  • Inappropriate applications where the organisation or project does not ‘fit’ with tender requirements, or within the scope of the funding stream
  • Deficient presentation of budgetary assumptions
  • Not addressing key information requests
  • Inadequate description of the expected outcomes and outputs that the funding will support the organisation achieve
  • Poor presentation of applications

An organisation may want to consider possible funding sources, may wish support to develop its approach to applying for funding, or may need support to develop a specific application. Organisations may also want to develop a joint funding application. Mosaic can offer consultancy that will help organisations to:

  • Develop core information about the organisation that can be adapted across funding applications
  • Consider how their organisation can best meet the requirements of a specific tender or funding stream
  • Develop succinct description of the activities they will undertake if the funding application is successful
  • Undertake joint funding applications with other organisations

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