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Social Care Professionals Working with Mental Health Clients


´╗┐It is estimated that, in the UK one in every four citizens will experience mental health problems at some point in their lives. In your work, many of you will be helping clients who are presenting with a whole range of overt mental health symptoms, or with their symptoms disguised by other factors (such as substance misuse).

Our courses try to separate fact from myth around areas of mental health, address and reduce fears, and focus on how you can make positive interventions in your own services, and signpost clients to more specialist services where appropriate.

Mental Health Overview
The major diagnoses, relevant legislation, appropriate responses and referrals

Personality Disorders
What this 'diagnosis' means and the issues it raises for clients and the staff who seek to help them

Self Injury
Recognising why people self-harm and how best to support those who do

Complex Needs / Dual Diagnosis
Understanding those who have mental health as well as substance problems, strategies for support

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Understanding the nature of PTSD and giving practical support

Understanding signs and symptoms and offering appropriate support

Mental Health Medications
Types, effects / side effects, appropriate management programmes

Quality & Clinical Governance
What it means, patient involvement, risk and safety, best practice

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Using CBT with clients with mental health problems

Risk Assessment & Management
Identifying the risks with clients who present mental health problems

Supporting Clients Presenting Complex Trauma
Practical and relational skills in supporting individuals presenting complex trauma

Understanding Challenging Behaviour
Reflective exploration and practical interventions

Working with Mood Disorders
Supporting clients with the principle mood disorders

Understanding Psychosis
Understanding and supporting individuals with these symptoms

Dealing with Depression & Anxiety
Practical strategies for well-being

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