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The Freedom Programme

Participant in a Mosaic training course.Participant in a Mosaic training course.Participant in a Mosaic training course.


In partnership with Clare Walker Consultancy, Mosaic is now able to offer the Freedom Programme.

This two-day course gives practitioners the experience of attending a Freedom Programme support group and equips them to deliver an educationally based support group for victims/survivors of domestic abuse, those who wish to learn more about the reality of domestic abuse, or groups of perpetrators who genuinely wish to stop abusing.

It can also be used as a tool in day to day practice and is applicable to anyone of any age, culture, gender, lifestyle, religion or ethnicity. 

The Freedom Programme is based on categorising human behaviours to enable us to more easily see and understand the belief-systems of, and tactics used by, perpetrators and victims, and the impact these can have.

The theoretical perspective of the Freedom Programme has evolved from the Duluth Model of power & control, combined with the results of several studies by police and other organisations. It is also informed by the experience of the author of the Freedom Programme, Pat Craven, gained from her years of experience at the Probation Service working with men who had been convicted of violent crimes against women.

To read more about the Freedom Programme please click here.

Clare Walker (pictured above) is a Licensed Facilitator of the Freedom Programme, delivering practitioners training since 2006. Additionally, she has adapted & delivered the Freedom Programme:

  • as a teaching method for Social Work students on Diploma & MA courses
  • as internal agency training events on domestic abuse & its impacts on child development
  • as a tool to identify child protection issues
  • As an awareness raising tool delivered within community or religious groups

If you would like to discuss how The Freedom Programme might be adapted for your own agency’s needs, please contact us.


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